Sabtu, 22 Oktober 2011

school experience

back with me again. hehehe

now, i'm going to tell you what i have now in my campus. i have a school experience now. i have it in Sekolah Kembang. although i'm still in the first smester, but how lucky i am!! i can have this value change.
i can observe the school, and get a lot of experiences there. i have been observing in that school for about 1 week.
do you know?? that school such a great school. it's totally different with my elementary school. the students don't use the uniform to go to school. in a class, there are max 20 students. and 1 more amazing thing, they have 2 teachers in 1 class. wowwww...!!!
the students are so smart and creative. they can speak english very well. even better than me!!! oow...

i still have 1 week again to observe that school. i'll tell u later about this school. oke??? seee yaaa.. ^^

4 komentar:

  1. di tunggu episode berikutnya mbe,

  2. alhamdulillah,, akhirnya ad yg comment jga.. hihi
    oke ky.. ^^

  3. is it my school?

    good for the first, hope better for the next

  4. yess mr, our school. hehe, hopefully..

    oke,, mr ^^