Sabtu, 15 Oktober 2011

my first blog


hello, my name is Geby Devtiana Maryono. but usually people call me mbee, mbii, or geby. ohh no, i have some new nick names in campus. such as geboy, gebong or bongmon. haha,, you may choose one of them to call me.

I'm a college student in Sampoerna School of Education (SSE). I have been studying there for 4 weeks. yess, I'm a new comer in SSE. but I already have some experiences in that campus. what are those?? let me tell later on. :)

actually I don't really like to write. because I'm not a creative person. so why do I write in my blog now?? the real reason is because one of my lectures ask me to write and post in blog. so I have to do this as a good student. but actually it's not as worse as i thought. :)

this evening, i don't have an idea to write again. so maybe next time (I don't know when is the exact time) I'll write again. see yaa.. ^^

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  1. wow info yang keren nih kak.. kalau ingin tahu tentang web gratis yukk disini saja.. terimakasih