Rabu, 20 November 2013

JSC Seoul

A short story about my family in JSC Seoul. I try to re-post this, the original was posted on Nov 1st. Hope you guys enjoy reading this

Well, tonight is the second night I am home after getting back from Korea. Home is still the same with its warm, love and comfort. But something still feels so different, feels like there is something stuck in my heart. The memories I spent in Seoul still stuck in my heart and my head. Well, I guess that’s normal. But still I miss my new family. :’( I wish I could just turn back the time. Hiks. I hope that I can feel better after writing this note.

Arga Baskoro, a 25 years guy that amazes me a lot. He is a leader of Seoul contingent who has spent his energy and patience to lead us. He is my oldest brother in this contingent. The thing that I remember the most from him is his wave dancing. Haha.. He is indeed so funny, although sometimes is also annoying. I learn a lot from him. I learn how to be creative, to be firm and also to be friendly to everyone. I rely on him a lot when we were in Korea, because I have no family in Korea, and only him that I can rely on. Ohh, one more thing, I have special nickname for him. I call him “Branded Boy”, because everything he wears on his body is branded. What an expensive boy! Haha..

Raisya Mentari, a pretty woman who is really patient and cheerful. She is so intelligent and always inspires me to be a good girl. She is really good in dancing and has patiently taught me who is really sucks in dancing. Haha.. She is an attractive woman who has attracted many men’s heart, even not only an Indonesian man’s heart. Ehem :p I always hope the best for her. Hope she can meet a best man that can make her happy :)

Muhammad Yusuf Ibrahim, a cute magnae in our contingent. He is a really good and funny boy. He is a really good brother who always takes care of his sister and brother. I always remember when he nags at me if I do something wrong or dangerous. I feel so sorry for him when he lost his luggage in the airport L I felt so sad because I could not take care of his luggage when he has taken care of us a lot. But I know that Aim is a really kind boy and will forgive us no matter how big our mistake is. Thank you so much for forgiving us Aim.

Shintia Pramita Dewi. I do not know what to write about her. She is just too perfect to be true. I am sure nothing that she can’t do. She can sing, dance and play instrument very well. She is also smart, cheerful and so pretty. She has taught me a lot. She has taught me how to dance patiently. She has sacrificed a lot for this contingent, and I wish the best for her in her life. Love you Ka Shintia :*

Gagan Ramdhani Sumawijaya, my best couple ever. He is a guy that has madly in love with everything about soccer. He is so kind and always takes care of me and helps me whenever I need him. He is also an intelligent fella and I really enjoy discussing about many things with him. He really has so many dreams, and I always dream for his dreams to be true. Always keep up the good work brother :)

Agis Cevi Firmansyah, a Tasik guy who can play flute very well. I don’t know why, but I always feel so relax anytime I listen to him, maybe because he always talks calmly and softly. He is also a hard worker who always feel passionate to work, and it has inspired me a lot. Wish he can continue his study soon. Hwaiting Ka Agis! :D

Sharah Madhani, e very pretty girl. First time, I saw her, I unconsciously said “how could there is a pretty girl like her?” Aaaaahh, she is indeed so pretty. She knows everything about makeup and fashion. She has done a really good job as a madam attire. She has taken care of our style, our makeup and everything that relates to our appearance. I really adore her for her business skill and has learnt a lot from her. Wish the best for her business and her life. :)

Andi Yoga Trihartanto, a very intelligent man. He is my brother that has taught me a lot. He has the same hobby as me, which is reading. I learnt a lot from him about many issues, especially economic issue. I adore him and really inspired about his story and his experience of life. I really like his public speaking skill and I learnt a lot from him. I wish the best for him and wish that he can decide the best thing in his life. My best pray always for you Ka :)

Putri Agustina Simatupang, my best roommate ever. She is a really kind and patient woman who always wakes me up in the morning. She really cares about the education in Indonesia, and I learn a lot from her passion in teaching. She has a big dream to be a good teacher that can make Indonesia better. It inspires me a lot, and I really want to be a great teacher like her also. I am sure, if Indonesia has many teachers like her, Indonesia will be a great country as soon as possible. Love you ka :*

Muhammad Gerry Fahlevi, an over confident boy ever. He always hopes that he can be my brother only because our name is almost similar. Hahaha.. Some people might mention about several unhappy things when remember him, but I know that everyone has mistake in his life. I always open my heart to forgive him and wish the betterment for him. Don’t be sad Ka Gerry, there are bunch of days ahead to improve and to make betterment. Hwaiting!

Chella Saradhina Iskandar, a cutest girl in my life. I am really a big fan of her. She has inspired me a lot with her love to the society and education. I think she is so perfect. She is so smart, kind, pretty and also so patient. She also likes to help others. The most important think, she has taught me how to wear a fashionable hijab. Lol.. She will be studying in Colombia University next year. I honestly feel so jealous, but I also feel so proud and happy. Congratulation Chella, wish you the best for your life :*

Andre, a very cheerful boy. There are too many stories about him, and I don’t know which one to tell. Haha.. Anyway, he is a really cheerful boy who always bring smile to our contingent. And the most important thing, he has taken picture of us a lot. Yeay! Thank you so much for your kindness Andre ^^

Nuzul Putri Ramadhany, my best eonni ever. She has taught me a lot about Korean thingy. She always makes me laugh with her joke and I always feel happy to be around her. I know that she feels so shame to cry in front of many people, but honestly I like to see her crying, because she is cute when she’s crying. Hehe.. No more tears in your life eonni. Wish the best for you :*

Swandika Gumilang, a really tall boy. He is so funny and always makes me laugh. First time I saw him, I thought he is a cool guy, buuuuuuutt after know him, all my first impression ruined. He is also crazy and annoying like the others. Haha.. But I like him, because he has shown the true color of him, and it means he has totally engaged with the contingent. Keep being funny Dika. Haha!

Ratih Permatasari, a very smart and skillful girl. I am totally jealous with her when she tells me that she is a friend of Sung Hajung. Aaaaahhhh, life is just too perfect for you >< Anyway, I really like her English, because her English is very good. She is also so pretty and funny. She is actually only a month older than me, but I don’t know why I really like to call her “Ka”, because it can make her mad. Haha.. I am sorry Ka Ratih, and I love you :*                

Mirza Nasir, the oldest guy in our contingent. Haha.. Whenever I see him, it always reminds me of my father, and it made me sad a lot when we were in Korea. Huaaa.. He is so patient and so firm. He is the one who always patiently wakes us up in the morning. And thanks God, because of him I never wake up late. Hehe.. He has two pretty daughters, and I really like his daughters. I am sure he is a really good father, and how happy his daughters must be! Keep being a good dad Bang Mirza! :)

That is a short story about our contingent. Hope there will be more stories in the future. And I hope our friendship will be last forever, and we can make a better Jakarta and Indonesia in the future. Love you all :*

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  1. Geby, I have never thought that u were relying on me that much, if I knew I will be much much better than u knew it, geby, I saw u so has change a lot. In a good way, thx for many things. I learn a lot from u.