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THW require children’s concent for parents to get divorce

Motion : THW require children’s concent for parents to get divorce

Proposition :
            As we know, so many children become victim from their parents’ divorce. How it could happen? So many reasons of this. One of them is, the children intimidated by their environment, because their parents status. This intimidation, can disturb children’s psychic development. Especially for underage children, even they don’t understand what’s wrong with their parents. But they have to live with this burden.
            Besides that, they have to choose one of the parents to live together with. As we know, it’s not the easy decision, even for us as the adult. Children need a lot of love, from their both parents. How they can get it, if their parents get divorce?
            What should government do is ask the children’s concent before deciding divorce permittion for the parents. Government has to see from the children’s position, what they feel, what will happen to them from their parents’ divorce. Because divorce can cause traumatic for the children, especially for underage children.
            Based on Brofenbrenner’s theory in adolescent, there are some aspects which can influence children’s development. One of them comes from family, especially from parents. Parents have big influential effect in children development. How can parents give a positive influential effect, if their parents get divorce? Once more I say, divorce can disturb children’s developmental.
            We can see in the real life, so many children do the negative things. Such as drink alcohol, use drugs, just because of they feel dissapointed with their parents’ divorce. Do we want to blame the children? The chidren are not totally wrong. They do it, because they don’t know how to express their dissapointed. So, we agree that THW require children’s concent for parents to get divorce. Becase divorce has a lot of negative sides for children, especially in children development.

Negative :
            As we know, so many reasons why the parents get divorce. Such as violence, feel uncomfortable each other, cheating, economic problem, etc. As the children, they have to understand what they parents feel. They cannot force their parents to stay together, when there are a lot of problem between both of them. We know, it’s so hard to live together when they don’t love ach other anymore, or when there are a lot of problem.
            If their parents keep forcing their selves to live together, it can disturb their life. They have to pretend everything is okay in front of their children. And of course it’s not easy and of course painful. Every parents in the world of course love their children, but they also have to think about their feeling.
            What should government do is permit the parents to get divorce without asking children’s content. Because we cannot force something to people when they don’t want to do it. Maybe it’s not easy for the children for the first time, but I’m sure that they can solve it as soon as possible. Because, although their parents get divorce, they still can get a lot of love from their both parents.
            We can see in the real life, many parents pretend to be okay with their household life. They do it because they love their children. But it also hurt and difficult for the parents. So, I don’t agree with the motion. Because it can effect so many bad thing to the parents.

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