Minggu, 22 Januari 2012

IELL Section A (Crazy Class), the new family in my life :D

          When the first time I came to IELL A class, I didn’t feel there was something special. My friends seemed like ordinary people, I also thought I would be their friend. Yes, just friend, not more. Even I didn’t think that we would be best friends.  But now, what do I feel? I feel that this class is the part of my life. This class is my new family. Am I too much? Maybe... but this is what I feel right now. IELL A is my new family.

          Ms. Yannik, she is our lecture in this class. She is the pretty woman with short hair. When I saw her for the first time, I didn’t think there’s something special with her. But now, I feel that she is the best lecture in SSE. She teaches us with love and patience. Although she is our lecture, but I feel she is more than a lecture, I think that she is also my friend. Why? Because she can understand us  so well (like SM*SH’s song. hehehe). She can make us laugh, she always has surprise while she is teaching, she always teaches us to be a polite, honest and good person wherever and whenever we are. Thank you so much Allah, because You have sent Ms. Yannik to my life. :’)
          Yuko Pangestu, Buyung Alfian Norris Sudrajat and Sago Ali Akbar, they are the most handsome boys in this class. Yes, there are just 3 boys in this class. But they are so valuable for me. I feel that they are more than just the friends for me. I feel they are like my old brothers, I feel like this, because I don’t have old brother, and I always want to have old brother. Yuko, the biggest boy in our class. I always feel he is like a teddy bear. Hehehe ^^... Buyung, the most perfectsionis boy in this class. He always wants that everything we do must be perfect. Some friends in my class said that buyung is vicious, but I like it, because Buyung can be a good leader, and he looks so funny when he is angry. Hehehe ^^.. the last boy is Sago, the Jakarta boy, the boy who always feels sleepy everywhere. He is the funniest one I think, because he always make me laugh with his joke and his accent when he is talking. Hehehe ^^.. Thank you for coming into my life boys.. :’D
          And now, let’s talk about the girls. Wowww, there are so many pretty girls in this class. And now, I’m confuse where should I start. Hehehe... Okay, let’s just start from Ms. Dangerous. Mu’azzatul Faridah (I don’t like this name actualy –‘’), my beloved friend (uweek :p) from Jepara. I like her, because she is a kind person. She is never angry although I seldom bully her. Hahaha, sorry mumu sayaang :*. When I don’t meet her for a day, I feel like there is something lose, because there is no one that I can bully :D. The next Ms. Dangerous is Khusnul Khotimah Yuliastuti or Yuti (until this time, I’m still confuse how can her nick name become Yuti –‘’). She is my first friend in SSE. I met her in “Seleksi Ujian Masuk SSE” for the first time. I’m so happy that we can be a good friend until now. This O girl sometimes is so annoying, but I’m gonna miss her when I don’t meet her. Love you Ms. Dangerous :*
          Next, let’s talk about Toilet Group. Christinelly Marshellene Lotulung (always feel confuse when I have to write this name –‘’), Jessica Grace Mariata and Bernadeta Elmiatra are the members of this group. Like their group’s name, of course their favorite place is in toilet, even they can forget the time until they are late to come to the class just because of toilet. Heheheh, piss ^^.. Pinkan, she is the one who responsible with my nick name now, Gebong. But, I like this name Pi. Hahaha, thanks hon J. Jeje, the girl with a great song. I always enjoy the time when  listen to Jeje’s voice. I don’t know why, how she could not pass the test from Indonesian Idol, I think there is something wrong with Anang and other adjudicators’ ears –‘’. But, keep hwaiting Je.. If you became a singer, I’ll be the first one who buy your CD. Hihi ^^.. Elmi, the sweet girl with long hair. I don’t know what, I feel there is something unique with Elmi, and I like her unique. Her hair, she always plays with her hair while we are studying, and it’s so funny. Hahaha.. I’m your big fans, Toilet Group, keep rockin :D
          Next, mmhhh.... I want to talk about Ambar Nurul Ansari, Febriyani Khasanah, Putri Tiara Ismawati and Mustika Hati. Ambar, this A girl is the most annoying girl with curly hair that I have ever met. Hahaha... She is so special for me, because she is so unique (read : strange). And one thing that I always remember from her is, she is always proud with her A blood and her debater status. Sometimes it’s so disturbing actually, hahahah.. But I love you Ambar, mmuuahhh, special kiss for you :* (don’t be jealous ya others. heheh). Next, Febry.. She is the most mature friend in my class. Sometimes I think that she is like my mother. Heheh.. But sometimes chingu Febry can be so annoying also, especially when she is talking about Yesung Oppa -__- hohoo.. :D Putri, the Sukabumi girl. One thing is so special from her is the way that she talks. Her accent is so special, like Syahrini I think. Hahahah,, And I’m so happy that Pti has Pupu now. Hello Pupu, nice to see you. ^^ The last is Mustika. She is the one who has accident for many times. I don’t what’s wrong with her motorbike, but she has already had accidents for many times. Ckckck –‘’ Be careful hon, I don’t want something happen to you J
          Then, the bunters. Who are they?? They are Anik Biati (next, I’ll write Jamal), Rika Pratiwi, Dwie Oktariani and Ngafatun Nur Fauziah. Start from Jamal, the most unique friend in my class I think. She is the one who doesn’t have expression. Hahaha.. Her expresson is so flat. Even, sometimes I’m confuse, actually she is angry, happy or sad?? But, I know that Jamal is kind and patient person J Next is Rika, the Palembang girl. She is quiet girl I think, she doesn’t talk too much in the class. But, when she is in facebook, mmmhhh.. she is so talkative. Hahaa :D Wiwi, the cute girl with cute voice. I know wiwi that you feel disturbed in Lit. Circle group, because of Korea. Hehehe, but thank you for becoming so patient in a group with us ^^ (poke Buyung and Jeje) hehehe.. And the last is the most narsis girl in my class. I think she always takes the pictures everywhere. Don’t believe with her innocent face, because sometime it can trick you. Hahahaha.. :D Nice to see you the bunters :D
          And now, I want to talk about Zelli Forgantini and Ristiana Imbarsari. Zelli, the Ms. Galau, who always updates her status with galau2 words. But now, it doesn’t happen anymore because she already has Ka Ulpan. Ciieee swit swit Zelli.. I’m also happy for both of you guys (note : this information can be hoax, cause I haven’t known the real news. But, I’m so happy if it really2 happen. :D) Next is Risti, the girl who likes Rhoma Irama and Cherrybelle. She is also the one that I bully sometimes. Hahahah.. She is funny girl, but sometimes she also can be so annoying. Heheh.. Love you girls J
          Who else? Ohh ya, Indry Astuti, Febrian Ambari and Dina Islamah. Start from Mama Indoy. She is also funny girl. I like to make joke for her by saying Mama and Papa. Hahahah, everlasting love yahh ndoy with Papa :D Next is, Febby. The most quite in my class. When we laugh, she just smiles with red face. Heheh, she is shalehah and pretty girl. Nice to see you Febby J And the last is Dina. When I met her for the first time, I thought that she was a quiet person, buuuuutttt in the real lfe, oh God, she is also annoying. But her annoying is so funny, and I like it. Hahah
          Okay, they are the members of IELL A class. They are the part of my life now. Althought we won’t be in the same class anymore, but trust me that all of you will be my family forever (I swear I feel like I want to cry :’(). So many sweet memories that we had and we shared together. But, there are also so many pains, problems and sickness that we had and shared together. When I got down because of a boy (uppss, curhat :p), I just can laugh when I was with you. I could forget my problem for a while, whan I was studying with you. Thank you guys, for this valuable short time that you have givern to me. Love you guys :’D

#NB : sorry if there are some mistakes in grammar, and sorry if there is hurting word. Heheh :D

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  1. yyyeee yyyeee.. you mention my name over there gebbong :D
    actually it's really hard for me (for us too), for so many times I can solve my problem with CC's class.. even I can share about "him" too in CC.
    your writing is make me wanna cry :'D
    love you gebbong..
    love you CC :*

  2. of course I mentioned your name, because you are the part of CC family.
    it will be so hard when we to be separated :')
    ciiee mumu, share about K' Kopral in CC. hahahah :D

  3. yeahhh...
    hahahaaa.. not share in CC actually, but share with some of CC's family gebbong :P

  4. and i'm the one that you shared, right?? hahah

  5. Am I a vicious person Geby? But it is Ok it make me to introspect myself more.

  6. haha,, yes yung, sometimes you are vicious.
    but I like it, cause sometimes we need vicious and adamant person. and you can be a good leader, especially in lic. circle group ^^

  7. Haduh!!! It's too long. hehehe...
    However, where's my name??!!!


  8. hahaha,, let's join our class, then your name will be here ^^

    mas, ak gk bisa follow blog mu masa -,-